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Kenton's Tarot System Level 2

  • LISTEN to real life Tarot readings from live audio recordings.
  • HEAR how to use the Overnight Tarot system easily.
  • Read the Overnight Tarot Level 2 Training Manual.
  • Learn how to do both surface and deeper Tarot spread readings.
  • Get the Tarot Reprogramming Audio to use for yourself and others.
  • Learn the Five Scent readings, hear how it is done, and then do it yourself.
  • Complete with a Five Scent handout chart.
  • BONUS: Free Upgrade to the inner level of the Secret Correlations of Tarot.
  • You must have Overnight Tarot 1 before you can access this material.

Important! You must own the Kenton's Tarot Level 1 first, to make this Level 2 material useful!

Kenton's Tarot System Level 1 allowed you to learn how to understand the real and deep meanings of Tarot.

Now, it's time to kick it up to the next level.

Before you do readings of other people, you may feel little unsure or nervous. How exactly do you do a reading with what you know from Kenton's Tarot? How does it sound when someone does that?

Hear 3 live, real life, audio recordings of Kenton Knepper doing readings with the Kenton Tarot system. Hear for yourself how what you know naturally become easy to do readings.

When you hear how Kenton does readings so naturally with others, you will understand how quickly you can do it too.

But that is just the beginning.

Learn secret principles that help you be sure that your readings are correct.

Learn the secret audio script that helps people reprogram themselves using Tarot.

Get the secret audio program that makes people reprogram themselves and achieve their goals while they listen to it, and look at a Tarot card.

Hear a reading using five scents, and how accurate it is (unlike the fake internet versions). Then learn how to do it yourself without any memorization, using the simple handout sheet.

You get:

3 audio files of live recordings, unrehearsed, made with real people, in real life situations, at an outside party.

1 Overnight Tarot Level 2 Training Manual as a PDF.

Tarot Reprogramming Audio to use on yourself, your friends or clients.

Five Scents Reading handout and audio, so you can do a reading with oils or incense. People love unique readings and are completely fascinated with this one.

PLUS when you order now, you will get a special file UPGRADE that will teach you many of the deepest secrets of Tarot, hidden associations, related types of consciousness, stages of unfoldment, and the correct special hidden key words only years of study in secret schools can give to you... until now.

If you want to apply Kenton's Tarot System and do readings for others, you will want this Level 2 material. You will be able to hear how to do the readings well, have secret information to make readings deeper and more insightful, be trained better than most readers, as well as handout a powerful audio program that helps people transform their lives with Tarot. And don't forget the Five Scent Readings too.

If you have Kenton's Tarot System Level 1 and really want to USE it, then this material will help make that happen quickly. Listening to Kenton do live readings will sink everything into mind for you, as you feel and hear how to apply what you have learned. Then, you can take your readings to new heights, with more powerful reprogramming, and interesting reading methods.

It's great if you have Kenton's Tarot System Level 1. It would be better to be able to use it right away with confidence and ease. Kenton's Tarot Level 2 will help you do just that, and a whole lot more.


This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Overnight Tarot Level 2 Training Manual (6.58 MB)

  2. Reading For Will - Audio 1 (17.67 MB)

  3. Reading For Robb - Audio 2 (18.77 MB)

  4. Reading For Kathryn - Audio 3 (25.58 MB)

  5. Scent Readings - Audio 4 (19.88 MB)

  6. Tarot Reprogram Audio - Audio 5 (9.68 MB)

  7. Five Scents Reading Handout (52 KB)

  8. BONUS: Overnight Tarot Level 2 Upgrade (3.50 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

Customer Reviews

  • When combined with the first Overnight Tarot, the BEST - bar none!

    5 Stars

    "This is the best Tarot reading system I've encountered, bar none, when combined with the original Overnight Tarot 1.

    The method is as simple and as effective as promised, but even more importantly, the readings are profoundly meaningful. The vital inclusion of detailed sample readings makes the entire system crystal clear.

    Even more intriguingly (if I'm even allowed to mention this), the final bit of instruction illuminates how to apply this system outside of Tarot readings, in one's daily life, to strengthen client relationships and to deepen friendships. There is a LOT more in this system than the description promises."

    — Eric Clay Ong

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