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Kenton's Tarot System Level 1

  • Do real Tarot readings overnight, for yourself or others.
  • Use Tarot cards to help reprogram yourself or others.
  • Use Tarot readings to make friends, contacts, or start your own business.
  • Do real Tarot style readings with normal playing cards too. This system does it all.

If you really knew Tarot, you would know that Tarot is a profound psychological tool, and you could change your life, and the lives of others, with it.

With Kenton Knepper's original Tarot System Level 1 training, you can learn to do Tarot readings virtually overnight, and do just that.

Well, you might take a couple of nights to be sure before you do a reading for someone, but you could do a reading the very next day after you get this!

How? Kenton took decades of his study in Tarot and symbolism and created a training system so simple, almost anyone who can read can use it.

Kenton's special system doesn't require you to memorize Tarot meanings. His amazing system includes a full color brochure you can print out, which tells you everything you need to know on just one sheet of paper. Seriously.

It gets better. Kenton teaches you the correct and deeper aspects of Tarot, without you having to spend years learning the secrets.

You will also learn how to use Tarot to help people reprogram their own mind to achieve their personal goals.

PLUS Kenton's system also allows you to do deep, powerful readings, using correct symbolism, with a deck of ordinary playing cards, as well as Tarot cards.

Look, lots of people sell Tarot readings, or even books or videos on how to read Tarot. The trouble is, most of these people get their knowledge from common sources on the Internet.

Kenton spend many years in Mystery Schools to learn what he knows. He has taught countless people around the world how to do Tarot readings with his unique and original system. 

You get the real meanings in Tarot, the true symbolism, and all without effort, hard work or memorization.

Use a standard Tarot deck you can buy anywhere. Then apply this simple system to start doing Tarot readings overnight.

Just imagine what you could do if you could do real, profound, impressive, Tarot readings. 

Impress friends, meet new people easily, make extra money on the side, by doing readings too.

Tarot readers get paid more than the cost of this training for a one hour reading. Most of them don't have the highest level of training you will get with Kenton's Tarot systems.

Do Tarot readings for yourself and others. Watch your world transform before your eyes as you use the easiest and most powerful method ever created for doing real Tarot readings.

You get four downloads that supply everything, except your own Tarot deck. You can buy that almost anywhere.

You will receive the Tarot training manual, the True Tarot sheet, the Tarot Reprogram handout, and the Full Color Three-fold Brochure Layout that you can print out and use as a sales tool, handout, memorable contact sheet, interesting business card and more. This special original brochure also contains all you need to know without memorizing a thing!

You could pay someone else to do readings, you could not make money doing readings yourself, you could forget trying to help yourself and others advance their dreams and goals, or you could get this now, and do all of that, and more.

Isn't it time you have fun, make money and help yourself as well as others, in a new way?

If you are ready for all of that, and don't want to waste time or money learning how to read Taro the right way, get Kenton's Tarot System now.

You will be making progress by tomorrow. You will be impressing others in a couple of days. You can even transform yourself and your life with this system. But obviously you've to get it to make all of that happen.

People have paid well over $500 for this material. For you, right now, it's only $49.97

Why? Because Kenton is passionate about Tarot and wants people to learn how to use it the right way. He is tired of seeing people make a lot of money teaching others Tarot, when these "teachers" know very little about it.

But don't wait and miss out on this special intro pricing. You can get the whole system right now for only $49.97

Don't delay. Learn the REAL meanings and inner riches of Tarot, not the meanings made-up by others to sell books.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Overnight Tarot Training Manual (17.51 MB)

  2. Tick Brochure (612 KB)

  3. Tarot Reprogram Sheet (63 KB)

  4. True Tarot Sheet (101 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

Customer Reviews

  • Skype Tarot Reading

    5 Stars

    I wanted to say thanks for the Skype reading today. The cards were not at all subtle and help clarify a number of things. I also appreciated the way you stepped outside of the cards, providing some practical suggestions.

    I've just downloaded the meditation package and am looking forward to starting a regular practice of stillness. I went ahead and bought the introductory package. It was such a good deal it made sense to just jump in.

    Skype is a great way to bridge the divide! I really appreciated your time and insight today.

    - Chris W.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    If you've always wanted to learn Tarot but have hesitated in the past, now is your chance to jump on this!

    5 Stars

    I've been interested in Tarot for years. I've also been frustrated by Tarot. It has always seemed like an almost impossible hurdle to clear due to the complexity of the Tarot. 78 cards divided into two sections, each card filled with evocative imagery and symbolism, correspondences with astrology, runes, Kabala, and the ever present possibility of giving the "wrong" interpretation in a reading for a subject who has literally studied more than I have, has made me "back burner" my cards and books more times than I can count. If only someone would come up with a way to take the steep slope out of the learning curve! Well, with Overnight Tarot, Kenton Knepper has done just that. Although it uses a tic sheet, it's not just another tic sheet reading method. The tic sheet is the key to learning Tarot while you do readings, provides the subject with something to take home to be reminded about what they learned in the reading, and a valuable marketing tool. In addition, Kenton provides information about how to continue to study the Tarot after you get the basics down and with valuable advice on what you can and shouldn't do as a reader not qualified as a counselor. If you've always wanted to learn Tarot but have hesitated in the past, now is your chance to jump on this and get to work.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Highly Recommended

    5 Stars

    Highly recommended for any student/reader of the Tarot. — Peter Arcane

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful


    5 Stars

    Just read it for the second time today. Simply brilliant!! — Peter Korbus

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  • Simply awesome!

    5 Stars

    I got it last night. It's awesome!

    — Adrian Fernandez

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Easily be a competent, professional reader (if you choose)

    5 Stars

    "This is a terrific technique and, for the price, anyone who reads Tarot, or wants to, should get this... it won't take you long to read these and get started...With these texts you'll easily learn how to be a competent, professional reader." - Jheff, Marketplace of the Mind

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