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Ambient Music for ADD

  • Enjoy the free sample here and then order below.
  • This is very special music designed and performed by Kenton Knepper that helps people focus, be more productive, creative, energized, yet balanced.
  • Clients with ADD have told us these tracks help them balance and get things accomplished in focused, productive, ways.

The first complete Music For ADD album is now available to the public, exclusively through our website. 

We want you to hear and feel for yourself why these special tracks work. We know that once you have been helped, you will spread the word and refer others, It's that simple.

Listen to one of the Music For ADD tracks free below.

It will help energize, create focus, balance and relax you, as you play this music in the background.

Each Music For ADD track works to help people calm down, while boosting their creative energy and productivity, without harsh repercussions.

This music has helped people who struggle with ADD, as well as those people who just want to have more focus and balance, while remaining active and creative.

We do not, of course, diagnose or treat ADD. We simply know that people have told us how much this music has helped them in private settings. Now, we can finally release this special music by Kenton Knepper, so it may benefit far more people in need.




  1. Ambient for ADD 1 (12.99 MB)

  2. Ambient for ADD 2 (17.01 MB)

  3. Ambient for ADD 3 (15.37 MB)

  4. Ambient for ADD 4 (10.44 MB)

  5. Ambient for ADD 5 (14.63 MB)

  6. Ambient for ADD 6 (18.37 MB)

  7. Ambient for ADD 7 (21.09 MB)

  8. Ambient for ADD 8 (10.26 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson