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Transitions Album

  • An album of transitions, change and ultimate transcendence
  • Piano, keyboards, singing bowls, and cosmic classical style music

We all go through times of transitions and change. Transitions of loved ones, of ourselves, of relationships, of cultures, of times, of transformation, causing us to ponder, look deep within, and find healing.

Kenton Knepper's Transitions album began as music for a friend's father who seemed to be on the verge of making his transition out of the earth plane. As Kenton continued to work on the album, the father healed, the daughter's relationship changed, and Kenton found himself in his own transformational experiences. 

This album then is a journey of depth, introspection, activity, atmosphere and environmental sounds, culminating in ultimately beautiful transcendence. Much of the music is soft and gentle, a few portions are quick, more chaotic, yet somehow quite mystical. The album is a journey that leads to inward healing and beautiful depths. Along the way you will experience mantras of sound without words, alter your consciousness, find strange unsettled lands, and unusual worlds.

Be positively transformed by the journey of Transitions.

Listen to two very different tracks from the album below.


This product includes the following digital media:


  1. 01 Opening Transition (16.96 MB)

  2. 02 mixotonicyou (14.90 MB)

  3. 03 transitiondoorway2 (5.89 MB)

  4. 04 Enough (4.92 MB)

  5. 05 So Missing You (7.90 MB)

  6. 06 Needing To Know You (8.72 MB)

  7. 07 When You Come Back (7.85 MB)

  8. 08 Reflection of Me (13.62 MB)

Tags music, relaxation, change, album, magical, Knepper, death, enlightenment, piano, transitions, transition, meditation
Media Type Digital Lesson