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The Guide Audio Meditation

  • A magically powerful guided meditation that will let you tap into your own inner power and guidance.

The Guide is a powerful guided audio meditation that helps you relax, and tap into your own Inner Guide.

Positively charged sweeping sounds, altering lush waves of all natural winds, storms and energy, rise in a whirling motion of magic, that fully charge and deeply connect you to the Superconscious Self within.

The alchemy of natural sounds, Kenton's slyly harmonious yet energetically transporting singing bowl music, and deepening magical words engaging multi-level communication, transport you to inner planes where you can open the door to communication with your True Self.

This guided meditation was made in real time, which caused a storm to rage around the recording environment. Kenton insisted that the magic of nature that responded to the call of his words and music be recorded and included in the meditation. When you listen to this recording you are experiencing a full on magical event recorded in real time. We are fortunate to have this recording and all the magic that was imprinted upon the recording as the guided meditation occurred.

This is unusual too as it represents Kenton's hypnosis training in his manner of voice. You may well go into a deep trance state, or even fall asleep, as you listen and follow directions, Allow yourself to go deeply under, so that you make contact with the deepest and highest part of you - your True Self.

You may or many not be conscious of your interaction with your Self. In any event, the more you work with this program the deeper your conscious connection will become, and the greater the magic you will experience in your daily life.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. The Guide Guided Audio Meditation (39.52 MB)

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