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Soul's Winter Album

  • Many call this album Kenton's most beautiful piano and keyboard album to date.
  • Relax by allowing this gorgeous soothing music to play in your car or home.
  • Feel the magical vibrations in smooth and deeply memorable musical experience.

Out of the darkness comes Light.

Kenton Knepper's Soul's Winter album dives deep into the soul and unearths the energy of life, life challenges, and hope that arrives through it all.

This mesmerizing work rattles the cobwebs of perception, awakens deep memories of the past, and delivers glimmering beams of healing Light and wisdom.

This album is entirely instrumental. The main musical instrument is piano, with additional keyboards and other instruments added to the mix. The main instrument however is the listener, who will channel their own experience from depths into Light, love and hope, as they listen to this truly enchanting album.

Play the video to listen to the opening track of this album.

Be ready to be gently transformed by the very real power of music.



This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Winter Interlude


  1. 01 Winter Interlude (5.68 MB)

  2. 02 Winter My Only Gift (5.46 MB)

  3. 03 Winter Skies (4.01 MB)

  4. 04 Winter Drift (11.49 MB)

  5. 05 Winter's Fall (7.21 MB)

  6. 06 Winter Rains (9.81 MB)

  7. 07 Winter's Snow (6.49 MB)

  8. 08 Winter Wind (6.30 MB)

  9. 09 Winter's Warm Night (7.08 MB)

  10. 10 Winter Theme (5.27 MB)

Tags relaxation, piano, magical, meditation, magic
Media Type Digital Lesson

Customer Reviews

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    Wonderful, Deep Music

    5 Stars

    Truly this album is a wonderful collection of deep music. Kenton’s recordings aid meditation, speed healing and personal growth. Give it a careful listen and you will hear unseen worlds unfold.

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