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7 Easy Ways to Meditate in 3 Minutes or Less - Intro Course

  • Meditate anytime, anywhere, in 3 minutes or less.
  • No special place, time or devices needed.
  • 7 Methods with 7 more bonus music relaxation tracks.

Meditate in 3 Minutes or Less... Guaranteed!

Others copy, but Kenton originated the 3 Minute or less meditation approach decades ago. Kenton can give you the real tools that work in real life situations, not simply ones that work only when you can get away to watch youtube.

These 7 methods for quick and easy meditation can be done virtually anywhere, anytime.

You don't need a special place, time, situation, video or earbuds to be able to meditate anywhere in just a few minutes.

Learn these simple, easy to use methods, and reduce stress, have more clarity, be more alert, create more success, access more energy,  experience less conflict, in every aspect of your life.

BONUS: 7 additional special audio tracks engineered to help you relax and feel empowered just by listening to our uniquely designed music.


Why give away training for so cheap when others have paid large sums of money to learn these tools from me?

What's the catch?

The catch is people think it has to be difficult to meditate. I want you to understand that I can teach you to meditate easily, anytime, anywhere.

Meditating is important. If I help you feel and be better, the world will get better.

I can change the world one person at a time.

So can you. You can help change yourself for the better.

You have nothing to lose. There are no surprises or catches.

I will guarantee that you will discover that you can meditate, even if you always thought you had problems meditating.

And you know what? Once you know that, and feel I have helped you, then maybe you will let others know too. 

Perhaps you will join me and others in making even more progress. 

That's all up to you.

Forget all the clever apps and marketing ploys out there. I want to help you do real, useful, practical meditation, anytime, anywhere.

That's why I am giving away these tools at this price. Because I know once you try these methods, you will be convinced, and let others know where to go to get real help in meditating anywhere, at anytime, no matter what the situation or conditions.

Together, we change the world. That's what it's all about.


  1. Introduction To Meditation - Listen FIRST

  2. 1 Paperclip Meditation

    1 Download
  3. 2 Panic Stop Meditation

    1 Download
  4. 3 After Work Grounding Meditation

    1 Download
  5. 4 Panic Stop Advanced (Method #2)

    1 Download
  6. 5 Attention Breathing

    1 Download
  7. Meditation Check In Real

    1 Download
  8. 6 Brain and Body Oxygenation Meditation

    1 Download
  9. 7 The 61 Second Meditation

    1 Download
  10. After Work and Grounding MUSIC ONLY

    1 Download
  11. Panic Stop MUSIC ONLY

    1 Download
  12. Paperclip MUSIC ONLY

    1 Download
  13. 61 Second Meditation MUSIC ONLY

    1 Download
  14. Attention Breathing MUSIC ONLY

    1 Download
  15. Brain Body Oxygen MUSIC ONLY

    1 Download
  16. Panic Stop # 2 MUSIC ONLY

    1 Download
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